Niels Bendixsen, Narooma NSW

I bought my first Citroën from the Citroën Centre nearly 20 years ago. I’ve had many since then. The level of knowledge, dedication and customer service that Bill, Greg and their team has is second to none. It makes the whole ownership experience such a pleasure. The fact that Citroën continue to produce such affordable, innovative and stylish vehicles helps too!

- Niels Bendixsen, Narooma NSW
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Its coming!!! from November 2016



A new breed of crossover, Citroën C4 Cactus is shaking up the automotive world once again with this special edition created in a partnership between Citroën and Rip Curl. By teaming up with Rip Curl, a brand that has symbolised surfing since 1969, Citroën is reinforcing the outdoor spirit of C4 Cactus through a more radical and expressive version of its crossover.

Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl comes with Grip Control technology, offering enhanced traction for all types of terrain (sand, snow, slippery conditions). Grip Control makes it easier to navigate never-before-experienced driving conditions, no matter what the season or destination!


STANDARD: To drive along the sun-drenched coastal roads, mountain bends, long stretches of motorway or in trendy city centres. This mode is intended for normal road conditions with little slippage.

SAND: In this mode, power is sent to both front wheels simultaneously, enabling the car to advance on soft terrain and reduce the risk of getting stuck in the sand.

OFF ROAD: To drive with confidence on all types of slippery surfaces (mud, wet grass, dirt tracks). This mode functions as a limited-slip differential, enabling the vehicle to get moving in difficult conditions.

SNOW: This mode instantly adjusts the torque to each drive wheel according to the grip conditions, allowing safe and predictable driving on snow-covered roads.

ESP OFF: To deactivate ESP (operational up to 30 mph).